CD-DVD Speed locking up BIG TIME

Hi folks,
OK I downloaded Nero CD-DVD Speed off a link from this site and just double clicked the Executable within the Zip and the proggy pops up. Just took a general look around and popped in a disk to see the general disk info, and that was OK. Now I cant remember what else I was looking at but I clicked on an option to do a test. After a period of waiting I discovered the hourglass was not getting anywhere, in short I discovered the program wasn’t responding. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to quit. The HDD light was on full tack, and I couldn’t remove the CD. Taskmanager wouldn’t kill the task either and the only way I quit CD-DVD speed was to hard reboot the pooter. Ive never ever had to do this before with any utility that locked up! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Now to my shame :doh: I should have put the program into the Nero Kit folder which I then did, which overwrote the old version. So I bring the program up again and put a CD in and accessed the CD info OK as before. Tried to do a disk Quality test and the same deal again !!! :a

I’d appreciate it if someone could help me out if they can spot something that is glaringly wrong so I don’t have to do another hard boot if possible. :eek:

OK some questions.

  • Have I installed it wrong somehow?

  • On copying CD-DVD speed into the correct place I now have 2 instances of it. Could that cause it to lock up?

  • Is CD-DVD speed interdependant on the other Nero utilities in that all components need to be the latest version? In other words is my Nero Express Version ( :o ) “clashing” with CD-DVD Speed?

  • What about the other tool in the same “Nero toolkit” folder “Drive Speed” cant find what version mine is. DO I need to update this as well?

Thanks for any help. Oh if its makes any diff. Im on XP Pro SP2 512MBRam 80gigHDD. Asus CD-RW No DVD (yet)


Could be an incompatible drive, then commands sent to it by CDSpeed would lock it up, and optical drives locking up can freeze the whole system, even XP. :a

You should check if your model (that you don’t mention BTW) is compatible with CDSpeed.

Thanks for your help Francksoy, :slight_smile:

Sorry I should have given my Model :doh: In CD-DVD it says [1:0] ASUS CRW-5224A 1.20

I just spent quite an amount of time on Nero’s site trying to figure out exactly what is compatible with what as far as the utilities themsleves go and how dependant (if at all) they are with the “main program” :confused: . I’m also finding it a bit hard to find out exactly what my package entails but I know it is an OEM thing which came bundled with my Drive. On the disk it says nero5 Burning ROM in big letters, then in smaller letters it says V5.5.9.2 nero Express. I remember installing and uninstalling InCD as well.

Theres also little tools U can download to clean your system out properly (reg keys and stuff) for a re-install or upgrade.

From what I can gather, the Nero Toolkit is a seperate and freely updateable as in you don’t have to pay for an upgrade, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to download it freely from this site, right?

I can’t find anything on the site about what Toolkit is compatible with.


Apparently the Asus drives are made by Pioneer. I doubt it can do a disk quality scan, but you could find out in the Pioneer forum.

You can always do a transfer rate test which is about as good as any way to see if the disk good. The TRT is part of the Benchmark. If you don’t want to run the whole suite, you can click on RunTest, when you are on the Benchmark tab.

CDSpeed is a standalone app and doesn’t need to be “installed”. You can launch it from anywhere you downloaded/expanded it on your disc. :cool:

But… it needs the Nero aspi layer.
So maybe your issue comes from an outdated wnaspi32.dll that came with Nero 5. Nero 5 is rather old. CDSpeed uses the wnaspi32.dll that is in the Nero program folder. Maybe that’s a version mismatch that causes the freeze.

So let’s see. To get a current ASPI layer, you could upate Nero to 6.6.X.X or 7 (but that comes with a price), or you could simply try replacing your current wnaspi32.dll with a more recent one, after having made a backup of your current one of course, in case Nero 5 happens to have issues with the new one. I hope I’m making sense. :slight_smile:

I can’t help you in finding an updated Nero wnaspi32.dll, but I guess it’s not mission: impossible to find it.

Sidenote: this has nothing to do with the wnaspi32.dll that can be in your Windows System folder, if any.

Francksoy, thanks for your response and help :iagree:

I hope I’m making sense.

Yep :iagree: not only are you making sense, you make a valid point me thinx and well worth a crack at it. It was a doddle to find the driver on Nero’s website under “utilities” My version is which was found in the Nero folder as U said. The latest version is for later OS,s & XP. I’ve just DL’d it and will give it a try shortly and let you know how I go. Better back that file up too.

Oh just as an aside, something else I found out about OEMs with Nero at least, is your Nero version whatever it may be, is specifically usable soley on that particular drive it came with. In other words you cant install it on anything else if the drive dies … :Z

Now back to the issue. If this doesn’t work Nero has got some tools that you can apparently download and totally clean your system out of any “leftover files”. I wouldn’t rule out that there could be “dregs” left behind from INCD which I uninstalled … so we’ll see.

Thanks Heaps

Mmmm no dice :rolleyes: worth a try anywayz,

Since my next strategy is to uninstall using the tools, then re-install Nero, I might as well go download the latest update to my version while I’m at it which will take forever on dialup :rolleyes: … at what, about 17 MBs or something.



Sorry I should have given my Model In CD-DVD it says [1:0] ASUS CRW-5224A 1.20

I could be wrong but I believe the old ASUS CDRWs never supported error correction reporting and are imcompatible with CD-DVD Speed’s Disk Quality Test(but you should be able run Transfer Rate Tests).
I have the 5232AS model and I can confirm it is not supported by the Disk Quality Test. :frowning: