CD/DVD Speed 4.50/Lite-On/DVD+RW problem



I’m not crossposting this as that’s a no-no, but I’m not sure if this is the right group to post it to–moderators, feel very free to move this to some other area if you feel that it would be more appropriate there–please!

I only have Lite-ON drives–of widely different generations–so I can’t test with other brands of players. What I’m seeing is that if I put a DVD+RW disc in a drive (behaves the same on both of my drives), run, CD/DVD Speed 4.50 and try to ‘create data disc’, I’m in for a lockup of the machine. CD/DVD Speed will sit there patiently waiting for the drive to do something, but it never seems to–I’ve waited over a half hour on a 4x disc before and got nothing.

Anyone familiar with this problem? First, should I expect CD/DVD speed to be able to ‘create data disc’ on +RW media? (I can’t think of why now, but I might be missing some subtle concept).

Any helpful hints are quite welcome.



I have experienced this situation. Do an uninstall of Nero including CD-DVD Speed then run the Nero clean tools found on their website. After rebooting, reinstall Nero, bring CD-DVD Speed up to your favorite version and things should be working correctly again.

Let me ask, do you have Apple ITunes installed?


EEk! That’s a lot of work to clean up a sort of ‘toy’ feature. I think I’m going to skip it and just not create +RW data discs. Maybe I’ll just create a full disc size image file and burn it with Nero and then quality scan the disc–that latter part works.

And, no to iTunes, BTW.

Thanks for the advice!