CD-DVD Speed 4.0/4.01 won't work with Sony Ericsson PC Suite

I recently bought a Sony Ericsson K750i (mobile phone) which uses the SE PC Suite software to access files on the phone and to sync with Outlook, but it seems when I have it installed CD-DVD Speed won’t run. I’ve tried version 4.0 and 4.01 and neither will open, but both run fine once PC Suite has been uninstalled. Anyone else experienced this, or have a solution?

The PC suite software can be downloaded @ if anyone wants to take a look.


The software is probably using some sort of driver that emulates a removable drive. If you have a icon in the taskbar for removing it, or it shows up in device manager, you will probably have to disable it to run CDSpeed. If there’s no way to disable it, uninstalling is your only option.

I can’t see any obvious way of disabling it :(. It’s a bit of a shame but I guess I’ll have to use Kprobe, that still seems to be working.

What happens when you try to run CDSpeed? Suggest you report this directly to Erik, he will try to help. Reference this thread in your message.

Also, posting an image of Device manager with the relevant entry opened might help. My guess is that the software driver will create an entry in device manager.

Well it does seem to run, but uses 99% CPU and nothing actually appears on screen[see picture]. Is Erik the author of CDSpeed? If so I’ll email him via the CDSpeed website.

You can also PM Erik through CDFreaks.

When CDSpeed opens, it first scans all drives. I suspect it’s hanging on your program’s driver. But I’ve been wrong many times before. Post the device manager image when you figure out which entry it is, maybe also the driver’s file name.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to a rogue virtual drive controller called “SCSI/RAID Host Controller”. I’ve no idea what program it’s from, and it comes back after a reboot if I uninstall it, but if it’s disabled CDSpeed will run. It’s odd though as it doesn’t appear to be anything to do with PC Suite, but CDSpeed will run happily with the SCSI controller running without PC suite installed. I guess I really need a format to get rid of it. The only virtual drive software I have installed is daemon tools and it’s not anything to do with that.

That’s probably your software driver. Uninstall the program and see if it goes away.

That’s a pretty generic Windows way of showing these things. If you expand the entry, open the properties and look at the driver, you should see the file name.

I have several running here with no problems.

The driver is still there even with PC suite uninstalled, so I don’t know where it’s come from, but it does seem all fine with it disabled. I just can’t find any program that it would have come from, I think this PC needs a good clean out/format.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Any virtual drive, and many removable media devices will show this way. Nero, Alcohol and other burning programs may install them. Card readers and setups like yours will also install them.

Remove the program, then uninstall the driver, then reboot and if it still comes back then probably it is from another program. ( but not for certain because the program may be sloppy enough to not remove it).

From the multiple CLI.EXE occurrences, you must also be running ATI crapics drivers with the “Catalyst control centre” - until they withdraw the old “Control Panel” completely, I will never run the “CCC” version, as there are a whole host of negative interactions with this blasted piece of .net framework bloatware - it can strike anywhere.