CD+DVD+RW Player Disappeared


I have trouble with my DVD-Player i don’t know why i did mij pc systemconvalescence…but nothing helped… Sample:

Thanks In Advance

need i a dvddriver or update’s…any help please?

Thanks in Advance…

No, drivers come with the OS.


and then what have i do there…?

And what is OS?

Go to the micro$oft help site and read about HOW TO use the devicemanager.

OS = Operating System.

The Operating System is usually Windows XP on most PCs. Newer PCs have the Windows Vista OS.

There’s also the Mac OS X, Linux and others.

I would guess the OP is using Windows XP from the look of that screen shot :slight_smile:

@masster - click on “Syteeminformatie weergeven” and you’ll find Device Manager (or the Dutch (?) equivalent) under the Hardware tab :slight_smile: - check if your DVD drive is listed there :slight_smile:

check this article