CD/DVD RW drive stopped working



I was in the middle of installing a program and the CD/DVD drive hung up and had to reboot computer. Now CD player seems to recognize disc but will not play or show files. System is Optiarc DVD RW AD 7200A. Any idea what to check?


Try deleting the upper and lower filters.

You can do this through software or by directly going into the registry. ImgBurn ( a free burning program) will let you do this. Install ImgBurn, start the program, then click on any of the choices…Discovery will do, then click on Tools–>Filter Driver Load Order.

Or you can follow this guide for removing them from the registry.


Thanks, I will give that a shot. I reviewed similar threads and tried the fixes they suggested with no luck so far. The CD/DVD player recognizes the disc and tries to spin it up, but seems like the spinning velocity does not wind up as it did when it was working properly, then stops and tries try to spin once more before it gives up. Think deleting filters will help here?