CD/DVD-ROM not recognized in device manager



hello all,
Seeing as i’m new to the site and all, I figured this was a good place to start. I upgraded to windows seven a while back and since then i haven’t really watched movies on my laptop. But i do now know that my Cd/dvd drive does not register with the computer. It isn’t even recognized in the device manager window. I’ve done the upper and lower filter thing, rebooted it a thousand times. Uninstalled it, etc… still not working. it spins and whirls and such, but doesn’t do anything other than that.
Any info would be awesome. I’ve researched the forum, but i don’t think I’m very good at it. Please help. Just want to have a functional computer again.


Try booting the computer with a bootable disk. An operating system disk, like a Windows install disk, or a linux live cd would work. You could also make a bootable disk in another machine, for example, the Ultimate Boot CD:

The boot order will have to be set so that the computer looks for an operating system on the optical disk first, rather than the hard drive. You can change boot order in the bios of the computer. Look in your manual for instructions to get into the bios and how to change boot order if it is necessary.

The reason to use a bootable disk is to check the operation of the drive outside of the Windows operating system. If it works properly outside of Windows, you know that it has no physical problems, but is, instead, a software problem.

Do you have any virtual drives running on the machine? Daemon tools and Alcohol 120 have been known to interfere with optical drive functions.