CD/DVD Rom not recognised after XP Update..Tried EVERYTHING!

[qanda]This thread is about the LG DR385 Super Multi DVD Recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]ok. I built my PC 4 years ago with 2000 and have recently upgraded to XP and have loss the use of my DVD-Rom.

I have tried EVERYTHING! (uppers/lowers, master/slave, checking cables, reinstalling drives, XP repair, etc…) and I still can’t see my DVD-Rom in the device nor (obviously) is it showing in My Computer.

Thought I’d try this as my last resort if anyone knows of ANYTHING else I can possibly do to regain the usage of my drive without having to uninstall or take my pc to a shop, as I have had more problems with this XP upgrade than I’ve ever had using a computer and have finally got it to a useable state.

(Also, does anyone know something other than hitting F8 to do a multi operating system boot…I feel like I should know this, but sadly don’t)

Hi and welcome!

some questions that hopefully help narrowing down the issue:

[li]Did you install XP on top of W2k or was this a fresh installation on a blank partition?[/li][li]Are there any problem indicators in device manager?[/li][li]Is the drive visible in Bios during POST?[/ol][/li]Please try if you can boot from a bootable CD or DVD. If you are using a Windows install CD, then watch the screen since you’ll be prompted to press a key.