CD/DVD ROM dissapears

OK, I’ll try to be concise and clear: my CD/DVD Rom dissapeared. I had been burning some productions in Roxio Easy CD creator, when both drives dissapeared (c: and a: are still there).

I have rebooted a million times, ran a registry fixing utility, tried running the install CD (I changed my original internal burner for a newer one years ago), and nothing! It had been working fine until now, and I’m simply confused! I need to burn some presentations for clients, but there is no drives. Nothing in device manager either, I was trying to uninstall them).

I ran all the spyware/malware/antivirus (ad-aware, spybot, pc cillin) programs, but nothing helps. I opened the pc, checked the cables and connections, and everything seemed in palce, and I put everything back into place.

I read a few suggestions, and decided to uninstall the Easy media Creator program. I used a patch called cdgone, and after reboot, the drives were there.
I also downloaded the Windows Install Cleanup utility and was able to erase whatever was left from the previous installation attempts of Roxio.

Then I ran a registry cleaner again, and I turned off the machine completely, instead of rebooting it. I turned it on back again and the drives were there. I tried re-installing the Roxio program and it worked.

Now the problem is that they work randomly, there is no way of telling when, rebooting doesn’t help, nor does turning it off. I’m getting very desperate! Can anyone help?

I’m running Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600), hp pavillion, pentium 4


@ toyma,

Suggest checking your registry UpperFilters or LowerFilters.

Refer the below Web Link;[LN];314060

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Easy CD creamator used to be notorious for making drives disappear or not function properly. I would suggest ditching Roxio.