CD/DVD rom cannot read the CD-RW in the drive

I use the desktop with LITE-ON-DVDRW SOHW-1673S.
I use the NERO 8 to burn CD with dics Cd-RW .
But when the sw require me to insert the CD , I insert the CD into the CD-ROM and close .But the sw have no response and still insist to insert the CD.
Why does the CD-ROM cannot recongise the CD-RW ???
any suggestion to fix ?? I have clean it before …
The CD-rom can read the fake moive DVD/CD .

Rewritable media have not a long duration in time. After a certain number of write/erase cycles, the disc becomes a coaster.

Often (not always), doing a FULL erase with ImgBurn (1 or 2 times if needed) can recover a disc making it usable again for a while.

Try to do a full erase to see if the disc can be recovered, and burn it again.

Another possibility is that the burner (not exactly a recent drive) is at the end of its life, so you need a new drive :frowning:

Another possibility is that you are using a copy of a game, that recognize the disc as not the original media and asks for the original disc to be inserted. There are some ways to correct this, but I have no idea how. Try to do a search in the forum for similar issues in the game sub-forum :slight_smile: