CD/DVD-ROM and CD BURNER problems

hey this is gonna sound dumb but I am completely stumped. My drives will not autoread anymore and the autoread feature is turned on on both of them. The DVD player I have will read the CD once, but after that all the next CD’s I put in will not be read correctly. The first one it reads does not autoload persay, but when i click it in my computer it autoloads the correct program it needs. After that however all other CDs i put in until i reboot will only open the CD up to all its files, it wont load it at all. Is there a way to fix this?

What operating sysem? Where did yuo look to see if auotplay is enabled? There is more than one place to look and also you can place autoplay into startup. Or use tweakui or xppowertoys tweak to enable it.

hey, I am using Windows XP Professional will all updates available.

I have tried enabling autoplay with tweekui from powertools, and right clicking on the drive under properties etc.

I have also tried uninstalling the hardware and reinstalling them. The only thing that I can think could have caused this but to me doesnt make any sense is I added a RAID 160 samsung hard drive. After I added that the autoplay stopped working. But to me that should have nothing to do with it unless i tweaked something by accident in my bios. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, DJ

umm, checked group policy editor?

what is group policy editor

Start -> Run --> type gpedit.msc

Browse through it entirely, and you will find two areas where it says autoplay. Enable in both. By default it should say “not configured”

It’s another apporach in XP Pro to have control over autoplay. Note: Doesn’t work in XP Home.

they are here

Local Computer Policy
–Computer Configuartion
–Administartive Templates

Local Computer Policy
–User Configuration
–Administartive Templates