CD DVD Robotic Printer

Hi guys,

I have some questions about CD/DVD Printers that can print CD Credit Cards. I know several models but none of them have a complete information and when i look for more infos there are several opinions but very diferents.

When i look for a CD/DVD printer i usualy look to print price, ink price, ink capacity (how many cds prints).
Can anyone give the specs about this products (price/quality | ink price | ink capacity and anything important about them)

  • Print Factory 2;
  • Primera Bravo 2;
  • MF Print Station;
  • Rimage 2000i;
  • Primera Bravo XR;

I need to know who have the best performance at the most cheap print per cd/dvd.
The printer should print at least 2000/3000 CD’s per month.

If you know any one better than this that i have posted, tell me.
If sell to Europe was great.

Tks for your help,

Hi webroots and welcome to CDFreaks. Moved this thread to the CD-DVD Printing and Labeling forum. I have no idea what a CD credit card is.:wink:

The best from my experiance to date is Primera, And there new Primera SE model is the one to go with! I have 3 of the Bravo 2’s and now one of the new SE’s and I love them!
I get over 700+ per cartrige on the bravo’s and 900+ full size DVD’s SE’s and my guess with the credit cards size disks you would get double if not triple the output! Rimage I have had and they are great but the few I had after a short while started having issues and help from there support is lacking as well as repair work!
Luvs Jenni

The Bravo SE, PrintFactory 2 and 2000i do not support CD card printing. Given your volume requirements the MF Digital Print Station is worth considering.