CD/DVD-Rewriter (asus) recognises every disc as an audio cd?!?

(first off all, i live in holland, so my english may be not very good :stuck_out_tongue: )
I’ve just bought an asus DRW-1608P3S and i haven’t got much knowledge about this… so the the solution may be easy?
the problem is:
i’ve just bought a new dvd/cd-rewriter and after i installed it, it can’t read any cd… The rewriter recognises every disc as an audio cd and wants to play it in windows media player but it can’t…
can anybody help me please with this problem?

Hi & welcome.

What happens when you try & view the disk with Explorer? What do you see?

thanks for your welcome and reply…
when i do that, i see a windows media player icon with the name “track 01”.
But even when i insert a real audio cd, i can’t even play it…

If you reboot & immediately try a non-Audio CD or DVD what do you see?

when i do that, i just see the same thing…

I’d suggest that you check the connections/jumpers, making sure that the Master/Slave/Cable Select jumpers are correctly set & that if you’re not using CS then if it’s set as master then it MUST be the on the end connection, likewise if it’s Slave on the middle connection.

If this is all OK then I think I’d try another 80 wire IDE cable in case it’s a cable fault.

If you’ve got an older motherboard you might need to go into the BIOS & re-detect the drive.

I’m assuming that you’re not using Windows 98 or ME.

Beyond this I’ve no idea.

my jumpers are set correctly
but i have windows 98… is that a problem?

Win98 requires the right drivers to be able to access opticals correctly. Try this one. I cannot guarantee it though.

I don’t think that’s true, and the link you gave him was to a firmware upgrade, I believe.

Oops , you’re correct it is firmware.

I must admit it’s a long time since I’ve used Win98 so I could well be wrong, perhaps I’m thinking Win95.

today, i’ve bought some new cables and tried it again…
but it brought me the same results and i don’t know what to do?
can you say excactly how i have to install my cables…?
i have a normal dvd player and a dvd rewriter…
how do i have to install the cables? and the jumpers?
i thought that i had installed everything correctly… but this is in case i’ve installed them wrong…