CD/DVD read only drive that read dual-layer?



I have been searching for a combination CD/DVD player for my PC that does not write CDs and DVDs, just read them. Also, I want it to be compatible with the new dual-layer/DL/9 (wow, when will we have a single abbreviation for this?) discs.

I’m very interested in burning dual-layer discs, and I understand that I could use my burner to read them, but I would rather not place the strain on the burner. Also, I like to keep separate readers and burners for duplication. I intend to archive off some old video at very high quality, and I understand that most set top DVD players probably won’t read them now, but that isn’t an issue so much as the preservation and duplication is.

ASUS doesn’t have a reader that would do DL, which surprised me. It took tech support three days to answer that one little question. I haven’t found one from Plextor, either.

Any ideas?


Check out the Sony DDU1613. Considering the price of burners today, I would consider getting two burners if I was worried about putting strain on one.


I believe the Pioneer 122 DVD ROM also has this function :iagree:



liteon dvd sohd-167t