CD & DVD quality

I could not find a kind of list with CD or DVD discs review in matter of quality, (durability, reliability and so on)…, some kind of top-ten list with all the best CD/DVD media.
I have searched a bit, but did not find it.
Any link to some reviews… Please.
I will appreciate it.

No reviews that I know of, but here’s a short list:

Taiyo Yuden (TY) 8x DVD+R/-R(mids yuden000t02-00, tyg02)
Verbatim (MCC) DVD+R 8x/16x (MCC003/MCC004)

A great quality online retailer of OEM TY is, and their TY 8x DVD-R 100-pk was ~ $31.99 USD before s/h, and those would be mid tyg02. Those are excellent all around, and a great deal without the hassle of hoping a local store has them, and the local store has stored the media properly (Best Buy and Circuit City don’t seem to, as I’ve had to return media that was defective for exchange/refund to both places).

These are most reliable from user consensus in this forum. Sure ones to avoid would be anything Ritek in DVD media–usually the quality is bad, so much so it’s largely avoided by well-read users (Ritek doesn’t even carry a warranty for their media).

I would write more, but it’s late and I need my sleep. :stuck_out_tongue: This will get you started, however. :wink: Welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

I use Verbatim DVD+R or DVD+RW…
How can I see “serial number” or any other details about them? mcc???

For CDs go for Verbatim Pastels or Super AZO which are easier to find.

Generally Verbatim are a fairly safe bet & easy to find.

Serial numbers, barcodes etc. should be on the media itself…

However, to find out other useful things, just use DVDInfo, Nero Infotool, Nero CD DVD Speed, Discinfo and similar tools.