CD/DVD quality in a few years

Why a DVD/CD burned a few years ago become unreadable? why a CD not burned by pc , is readable more time? i don’t understand this question, i don’t know if all pc-writers have bad quality. who knows the answer?

Mass produced optical disks are stamped out in metal foil using a template. This makes each disk exactly identical, allowing for most of the copy protection systems out there. Shaped metal encased in plastic is also very durable and resistant to light/heat/damp induced decay.

Writeable optical disks use dye pockets under a reflective layer which are ‘exploded’ by a laser to create pits; this is more susceptible to damage from light rays and heat/moisture.

If you want disks that last a long time, always use the best quality blanks (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) and store them in a cool, dry, dark place.

There are some “archival” quality media that claim up to 100 years data retention, ( but opinion on these is divided.

Personally, I would stick with Verbatim and keep multiple copies of important data, and check it annually.



@ benimaru10,

Suggest using Google Search ( and research the topic DVD Media reflectivity degradation or DVD Rot. This will provide insight into the cause of why your previously recorded Media can become ‘Problematic’ at a later date.

Use known proven high quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media and a modern high quality DVD Optical Drive Burner and you shouldn’t have the problem.

Just because a Burned Media Disk ‘appears’ to play/view correctly in a playback/viewing device is not a valid indicator that in fact the Burned Media Disk is a quality error free Burn. A more definitive ‘Quality Control’ assurance step is to perform a ‘Disc Quality Scan’ on the Burned Media disk to ensure that the Burned Media disk is in fact a quality error free Burn. The Nero CD-DVD Speed ( diagnostic software program can be used to perform a ‘Disc Quality Scan’. The “CD-DVD Speed - A user guide” ( details how to perform a ‘Disc Quality Scan’.


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Then , if i want low degradation and acceptable disc quality along years, is more important a good quality blank (taiyo, verbatim, etc) than diferences between different brands of dvd-writer (same generation as pio 216, nec 7200, samsung 203, etc). Is it true ?