CD/DVD Problems



My computer is a Fujitsu Siemens, with Windows XP Media Centre software installed. I use Nero 6 to copy all my disc’s whether CD or DVD and there both done in the same burner. Last month I had a problem and I had to re-install the drivers and software now all my DVD’s I copy have very low sound (good picture) and poor sound quality but my CD’s from the same drive are good. I know there is nothing wrong with the movies I’m copying so all I can think of is the sound associated with the DVD side. I don’t have much information on the burner and what I have is listed below.

Driver= HL-ST DVDRRW GWA-4164B
Manufacturer= Standard CD-ROM Driver

Has anybody got any suggestions as to the problem with the sound on the DVD side. Also my CD burner has called itself a DVD driver and my DVD burner has called itself my CD burner. Don’t know whether that has anything to do with it.


Make sure the drive is in DMA mode.
And it has nothing to do with DVD copies.


Hello Mate
Could you tell me what DMA mode is and how to check please. I have also been on the windows XP media centre forum and I have been looking right through the Nero help my head is in a shed at the moment. I noticed that I didn’t have a ASPI Driver installed and quite a few other things I was asked to check. What is a ASPI Driver? what dose it do. I have uninstalled Nero 6 and I’m going to reinstall later tonight when my head has had a rest. That was some ones suggestion to just start again so ill try anything now.
When I reinstall Nero what else should I do or check apart from download updates. There is all sorts of software on that site to download what do I need?. I don’t mind reading pages and pages myself but if anyone knows I would be grateful. Also I have looked through the newbie forum for help but if anyone knows of any good sites or links that explains the burning proces and what things like ASPI drivers do could you please send me some links.

I think this site is great I have loads of time on my hands so I’m wanting to expand my brain and try different burning devices. Any help with info to read would be great but you will have to bare with me as cos I’m from Yorkshire.

Strong in arm thick in head as the saying goes.


check this: