CD / DVD Problems



CD / DVD Problems


I have a Dell Inspiron 5150. Windows XP Pro, It works fine, with the exception of when I wanted to burn a CD the other day, now it will not identify blank CDs at all. It will read CDs with information on them, but not identify/write to them.

This is what the MS CD Writing Wizard says:

The disc in the drive is not writable DC or it is full.

Please insert a blank, writable CD into drive D:, or insert a disc with enough free space to hold all the files you have selected for writing to CD.

Note: A writable CD is a compact disc that can be converted to a conventional or audio CD by a CD recording drive (CD-R or CD-RW). After being recorded, the CD is capable of being used in any computer CD-ROM drive or audio CD player.

I had someone tell me the laser beam is burned out and I need a new drive from Dell. I don’t know what to do.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


It appears that you are using the integrated burning service in Windows XP, which is a pretty unrelaible way to burn. Do you have any burning software installed? If so, disable the XP service in Admin Tools-services, and then try the burning software.

Also, if you have installed anything like Alcohol software, remove it and try again.


i cant believe you tought ppl in this forum dont know that its very well known by basicly anyone with bit of knowledge or who had/has a cd/dvd burner (basicly everyone on this forum)

anyway do you have alcohol 120% or clonecd? they both have atip hiding which may prevent some softwares to identify the media code/manufacturer
if alcohol 120% uncheck “ignore media type” in options and if clonecd uncheck “hide cdr media” from the tray icon , i know you alredy tried to remove it from device manager but did you removed the drive or the ide channel under “ide/ata atapi controllers” if not then try it and i guess theres no point suggesting using real burning software or other media brands,“The+disc+in+the+drive+is+not+writable+”&hl=de :bigsmile:
if you still got warranty use it


That’s b1hughes’ first and only post, right? Where did he/she say anything about deleting the IDE channel? :confused:

Anyway, to elaborate on possible conflicts: You really should disable the Windows burning service. Really. Go to Administrative Tools -> Services -> IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service. Disable the bastard. And yes, delete the IDE channel and reboot; let Windows re-identify the drive.

Get some real burning software, almost anything would be better. Look here:

Some are even free. Good luck. :slight_smile:


correct however in google i found another thread of his on another forum regarding same problem,check the link in my previous reply


Oh well, it’s hard to believe… but true. :doh:


Pardon, shoulda checked the link. :eek: :doh: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure how to delete the IDE Channel. Please advise.

  1. right click “my computer” and click “properties” goto hardware>>device manager
  2. expand ““ide/ata atapi controllers””
  3. right click the ide channel and click “uninstall”
  4. restart when done

the chances for that to work are preety low


Would I delete the Primary or secondary IDE Channel?
Thanks for your help.


The one your optical drives are on, or both if you want, or even the whole IDE controller. It all re-installs after reboot.


How do you disable windows XP burn. That may be the problem I’m having using alcohol it reads that there is a blank disk in dvd burner but won’t go any furthur. I uninstalled alcohol and now when I try to reinstall it says error 25002. I wiped the reg and reinstalled alcohol and it did the same thing reads blank disk. So I uninstalled again. Now I get the error 25002 what is that. Thanks


pc: amd athlon 64 processor 3500+
dvd writer: aopen duw1608 arr

If i write dvd’s on my pc with dvd shrink 3.2 and nero 6 , i can play and see them without any problems on my pc but when i want to look at them on my dvd player (vestel 2615) on my tv i get an error: wrong disc
next problem: i can play my dvd’s on other dvd players on tv but not with my player
the name of my dvd player on tv is a Vestel dvd 2615.
How can i solve this?

thx :rolleyes: