CD/DVD problem (image files)

What is MTKFLASH.EXE ? I found it on my computer it at “c:\DVD_RW\Driver…” ?

A while back I used software that made it possible for me to read image files (for a CD player) without a CD-player. The software got deleted and now my computer can’t seem to access my real CD and DVD players. However, if I boot the computer with a CD in the player then the computer can access it. If the computer boots without a CD in the drive, I can’t seem to get at it even though Windows XP says the drive is fine.

MediaTeK flasher.

Yep, it’s for updating the firmware for your burner. Dont use it unless you know what your doing!

As to your other problem, I think your talking about virtual CD software (most likley Demon Tools, Alcohol or Nero’s one). That should not mess your drive up, but what I would suggest is to go into device manager, select your CD/DVD drive and remove it then restart your computer.
Xp will find it again and hopefully fix whatever went wrong with it.

You could also look for updated IDE drivers for your motherboard, this seems to fix a lot of these types of problems.