CD/DVD Printing problems with epson printer image (WILL PAY $$$)

So I have used epsons direct cd printing for some time now.

I came upon a certain image that I need printed on a DVD. And the inner diameter is bigger than the DVD’s diameter. I cannot figure out how to stretch the image so there is no white ring around the center of the DVD.

What can I do? First person who can help me fix this issue I will paypal $5

I also have another issue. I have the Epson Artisan 800

This printer is a scanner as well. I have been having problems with my scans, they don’t come out the same color as the original product. Where as other scanners I have used I have never had this issue. The color hue’s will be a little off and will be a bit grainy when printed on.

I have not messed with the settings too much. They are all on default without using any color changes. I just want to know the correct settings to get my pictures to come out exactly how they originally look.


Have you tried SureThing labeling software?

Works great with the Epson printers direct to Disc printing and offers much more flexibilities than the OEM Epson software.

Thanks for the reply kipper. But I don’t think this program is going to help my issue. I just downloaded it and it did not offer the option to resize the image in the correct place in order to eliminate the white ring.

I use photo editor to fill in the hole.

[QUOTE=bean55;2440672]I use photo editor to fill in the hole.[/QUOTE]

Okay well in order for me to donate you the $5 I need detailed instructions on how to do this with photo editor. I will download the software but please provide specific instructions. I want to make notice that until I have confirmed this as accomplished the money is still available as of now. :iagree:

I am not very good at explaining.

Open the picture in Photo Editor click on square box on top in menu area, grab a area with the box of the same color and drag it to cover the hole.

Comes out being the same color, works really good when it is a solid color.

In PhotoShop that would be the “clone stamp” tool.

use epsons cd print software, add a background then add another picture ontop of the background.

as for colorscans, you need to use “autocorrect”


I had same problem. Easy fix is when using epson print cd click on Diameter button near the top of the screen. Change the diameter to the smallest (I use 18mm). I’m using Memorex print dvds and the diameter is very small. You may have to play around depending on the print diameter on the blank dvds you have.

Hope this solved your problem. Don’t worry about sending me the $5, maybe some day you will be able to help me with an issue on here.