CD/DVD Printer

Can anyone recommend a CD/DVD Printer thats not too expensive. I’ve had lots of trouble with DVD labels and now I am starting to use printable media due to advice received from this forum. Thanks Helen

Hi. If u live in north america the only “cheap” option seems to be Epson R series (200,220,3xx) and for europe u can add canon to the list, not sure about the models. My advise would be to find out cost of cartriges first, original and aftermarket as well as have a look in the printer section here.

I have both the r220 and r320 epson and like both. you can on ebay buy a Bulk Ink System that will save you tons of money on ink. There is a mod that I would do will save you from having to have it serviced. Here is link to my post on the mod.

I have both an Epson R300, and a Canon MP500. Both do a great job. I actually ended up making $150.00 by buying the Epson (rebates), and I got the Canon for $75.00 after rebates. Just watch for deals at Anandtech, Fatwallet, and slickdeals.

HP D5160 does a nice job of direct Print to CD/DVD. The HP software for cd print I find somewhat limiting but when used with Acustica Label Maker it performs nicely. I think it is as good as my R220 and almost as good as my Canon iP4000. has the Epson R260 for $89.99 plus tax and shipping. I have both the R200 and R220, both work great.

I have the Epson r320 and find it great for printing on cd/dvd. Either Meritline or Supermediastore (forget what one) sometimes has 36/48 inks for $36/$48 shipped for Epsons so if you don’t invest in the tank system this is a great deal.

I agree with FidelC the Epson 200, 300 series are very good and the price tags should be very reasonable at this time.

supermediastore has even better deal right now two sets for 28 dollars shipped with paper .

One of the best, cheap and reliable place to buy Ink carteridge for printer is this:

I believe my Canon ip5300 is really excellent for printing directly onto printable DVD/ CD media. But it cost me AU $200. It all depends on what you call affordable. Their ip4200 is cheaper but also pretty damn good for the money. My first HP printer for home use cost me $800 nearly 10 years ago. Aren’t we ‘lucky’ today?

ip5300 replacement ink cartridges are comparatively affordable and reasonably priced.
Checkout both these models for what I consider really good “overall” value for money.

Not as cheap as supermediastore at 28 dollars for two sets.

I am not familiar with supermediastore but it all depends to the quality of the product you are getting. In order to make comparison we have to know if both stores sell the same product with one cheater than other one.

I have purchase both ink cart. and dvds from them along with other things over the past two years and they have been great.

So that is good to know about them from a happy consumer.