CD/DVD Pressing Equipment

There is a minor demand in my area for this kind of service and I am thinking of opening a service station for this.
Can anyone tell me where I can buy CD/DVD Pressing Equipment?
Any help will be MUCH appreciated.

Equipment to handle all the stages of production, from creating the glass master to stamping the discs, runs close to $1,000,000USD. Is there that much demand for it?

Most of the businesses on the net that advertize replication services are at best creating the glass master, but beyond that are shipping it out to a third party for the stamping.

Pressing is usually outsourced to big operators, as the previous reply said - the costs of the equipment are in the millions bracket.

However, what there may be a market for is automatic duplication on CD-R or DVD-R. There are machines that will burn somewhere between a couple and a few hundred discs, including printing, in an automated fashion. Is there a market for that kind of service? The equipment for this comes with a much more modest price tag, somewhere in the few thousand price bracket depending on exactly what you want to offer.

This kind of equipment makes sense for short runs, where the fixed costs of pressing (such as the costs of the glass master) aren’t justified.