Cd/DvD Players/Burners dont work

Hi , First i would like to say sry for my bad english im only 14 and from sweden.
This is what happened my Cdplayers just stopped working when i installed Daemon tools a while back then i removed it and they still didnt work it says “Det gÃ¥r inte att läsa in den här enhetens drivrutin. Drivrutinen kanske är skadad eller saknas. (Kod 39)” on swedish im gonna try to translate it “The software of this item cant be read, Software may be injured or be missing (code 39)”
I have tried deactivating them and actavating Install and uninstall but it still says the same thing ive tried with different players from other computers . Then i stopped caring about it and now i got a brand new DvD burner Today so i figured i probably would work and it still says the same thing and i cant install with the CD i got with it since none of the players i have work . I cant go to a support shop since i dont have real windows its a hacked copy i got when i bought it (not from a store) , and i found this gr8 site now :smiley: so i hope you can help me. Thanx in forehand

Welcome to CD Freaks.

What I’m listing is a small script that will edit your registry. So copy the following into Notepad & then save it with the extension of .reg, then execute it with Explorer.







You’ll need to reboot after this & hopefully your problem will be solved.

Edit: Just to clarify , by “execute with Explorer” I mean double clicking on the saved file.

Oki :slight_smile: thank you very much i understand perfectly now :slight_smile: gonna try that and reboot

THANK YOU :smiley: I LOVE YOU OVER EVERYTHING ON THIS PLANET <3 <3 <3 IT WORKED :smiley: (sry for caps im just very excited)

You’re more than welcome.