CD/DVD player won't open!

I’m guessing with a title like that, there is no need to clarify my newb status.

Had to reformat last weekend and am now using XP operating system. Immediately got virused, my burner was opening and closing like it had a mind of its own. I have disconnected the burner several times to let Windows find it, but it continuously finds a DVDr 1640b.

I have searched, downloaded and upgraded the necessary drivers. BUt i can’t even get my player to open. It just makes clicking sounds. Maybe the solution is painfully obvious to some, but I don’t know. Can anyone help??

My equip:
Burner: Philips DVDR 1620k
Software: Nero, Nero Vision Express 3

Stick a paper clip in the release hole? it sounds like it has just got stuck.

Hmmm…maybe. I’ll have a look.

BUt, I was thinking the problem could be more technical…

Could it be that when I ran a virusscan and eliminated the contaminated components that were essential to the system??

Reformat and reload Windows. Install a firewall, then connect to the internet.

You can also test the drive in another PC.

just reformatted, and after everything, the burner won’t open (still). I am thinking that I would like to return the drive, but it was a present, and on top of that, I don’t think I applied for the warranty with the time period alotted.

Can you please elaborate about testing the drive in another machine??

Just pop it into someone elses pc to see if it works there

Is there any chance the virus nuked the drives firmware?

I’m thinking the most likely possibility is THAT(firmware nuked) the virus nuked everything OR that the virus was opening and closing the tray with such force that it may be broken.

BTW, thx for all the responses. I suppose checking the drive in another PC is obviously the next step.

But, anyone know where I can download the latest firmware for Philips DVDR 1620k???

It couldn’t open it any quicker than it is made to go naturally as it’s just a mechanical mechanism.

Correct. The motor that opens and closes the tray does so at a speed that is dictated by available voltage, however, I do suspect that the virus COULD have something to do with it. Can you PLEASE tell us what virus (or viri) you had?


The bug cannot NUKE the optical drive. Return the drive for a replacement.

Joe Dirt:
I am unable to provide you with any info. regarding the virus, because I have since reformatted and lost all info. from previous format.

Regarding tray behaviour, to expand a little(if it changes anything:

The tray was opening normally, but was only closing halfway, then reopening, and when the close button was pushed it would close 2x faster than normally.

Hmmmmmm. This sounds like a mechanical malfunction to me. (Re: The tray was opening normally, but was only closing halfway)

Reguardless of whether or not you sent in any warranty info, these drive’s manufacturing date is on them, and if it’s a fairly recent purchase, you should have no problem getting it covered by the manufacturer DIRECTLY.

Where are you located?


I’m in Barcelona, Spain. (But once resided on the lovely shores of Lake ONtario myself) Guess I’ll have to work on the ol’Catalan, and return it (after trying it in another drive of course)

Thanks for the help.

:slight_smile: Barcelona’s not to shabby either, hu?