CD/DVD Multisession .NET



This isn’t something new, there are a bunch of threads in the forum discussing how to implement multisessions on cd/dvd through NeroCom but none of them are very readable, and there are no .net examples.

How do you import existing tracks properly into the new track you are trying to burn? What I’m doing right now is taking the NeroFolder parameter from OnDoneImport2 event and setting it as the RootFolder of the NeroIsoTrack object I intend to burn. If there are no existing tracks on the media then I do not bother importing.

The result I’m getting is that I’m overwriting previous tracks and so only the last burned track appears on the CD/DVD in windows explorer.



So I just realized that I am not even getting any valid track import data… is there something wrong with the calls?

private void drive_OnDoneCDInfo(INeroCDInfo pCDInfo)

  int trackCount = cdInfo.Tracks.Count;
  if (trackCount > 0) // if tracks exist import last one

private void drive_OnDoneImport2(bool bOk, NeroFolder pFolder, NeroCDStamp pCDStamp, NeroImportDataTrackInfo pImportInfo, NERO_IMPORT_DATA_TRACK_RESULT importResult)
     // importResult returns NIDTR_INVALID_FS            


So the problem appears to be with the particular installation of Nero on my computer.

I debugged the same code on another computer with same version of Nero and I was not receiving NIDTR_INVALID_FS in OnDoneImport2 event.

I will try to re-install Nero and see if that remedies the problem.


I’ve done an application that burn using imported sessions with 2005
I’m using Nero- to Nero-7.11.10 and all works.
Nero before Nero- cannot burn DVD video with the SDK(they broken the support with the 7.0 release…they fixed it in only 2 years after that i’ve broke the balls with tons of emails).

If u need to get the example i can do it. Is a Form that take and array of infofiles(origins) to burn them into the CD using and array or strings (destinations path)


Forget Nero. I don’t understand why they are pushing their developer community away. You would think that they would prefer if more 3rd party applications would be written using their SDK but instead they make it harder to do by not providing adequate support and not fixing bugs in an acceptable time-frame.

I only used Nero because I didn’t know that IMAPIv2 support was available for XP and 2003.

Well it is…

For Windows XP SP2

For Windows 2003

IMAPI2 is free which is always good and the guys at Microsoft run a support forum which has helped which is more than I can say of anything here.