CD/DVD missing after reformat

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic UJ-840. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Good afternoon, I have a Toshiba A-105 S4211 Laptop (about three years old) Windows XP. About a year ago the CD/DVD went out on it and I purchased a Panasonic UJ 841 to replace it. I pulled the old one out, restarted the computer then shut it down and inserted the new drive. Restarted the computer and it found the drive and worked great.

Last week I reformatted and restored the hard drive with Toshiba recovery disk, Everything went great. After it was finished I pulled the disk out and finished setting up the computer. Now the drive is not showing in My computer or the device manager. No yellow question marks and nothing about optical drive. I ran regedt and found the lower filters and deleted it but there were no upper filters. Restated and it still did not make any difference.

The drive has power going to it because it will spin up when a disk is inserted but it just spins back down shortly. I even tried putting the recovery disk in the drive and restarting the computer but it didn’t work.
Any ideas?

Have you contact or check Toshiba site??? That might be a good place to go to as well to see if they haven’t had issues with end users swapping out the cd/dvd drive.

I will try that today and see if i can find any info. If so i will post it back here. Thanks

Are the slave/master settings reset in any way?

I looked around the Toshiba site but did not have much time. Did not find anything yet.

I am not sure about the slave/master stuff, I am kind of cpu challenged. I did not change anything that i know of when i changed the drives out the first time and i am sure i did not change anything this time, other than reformat and restore.