CD/DVD media MIT?



Hello, I have a series of questions but I think they are all inter-related.

First of all, I usually buy Taiyo Yuden media CD or DVD but I recently had reason to doubt how genuine the TY media I bought was.

Can someone point me to the methods/ways of confirming TY media?

Also, these are a few of the possible vendors:

I want DVD/CD media that is blank or not ink jet printable. I just use a ‘Sharpie’ (“Redisharp”) to print the info.

Can someone take a quick glance at these sites and let me know which ones you would recommend? I mean, which Verbatim and Taiyo Yudens you would recommend or if they look genuine?

Secondly, I am wondering whether it’s possible to buy any MIT CD or DVD media in the stores (e.g. Staples etc.). Is there any brand that is acceptable? Perhaps, Verbatim? I find that most of the store media is Made In Taiwan and is generic with main brand names being more expensive or readily available. But, is there any brand Made In Taiwan that is of acceptable quality?

I was thinking of ordering either Verbatim or TY when I can but if I need something quick, to either get Verbatim (from Staples, say) or another brand (but which one?).

Finally, I was wondering if it matters between CD-R/CD-+R and DVD-R/DVD+R. I think many discs that are DVD+R were recommended and thought of highly in the forums but I don’t if that is still applicable now.

I appreciate any and all answers.


I’ve made a few purchases of 100 piece TY Value Line Silver Lacquer 8X -R media from For me they were excellent. In one spindle of 100 I found 3 with a visible bubble that I didn’t use at all. The remainder burned perfectly for me.

I’ve also purchased the CD-R Verbatim Pastel CDs. Again, they are manyfactured by TY and excellent quality. Never a burn problem.

Never a problem with getting what was ordered and excellent delivery. I consider them the first place to go for my blank disc needs.