CD, DVD Manufactured by

:confused: This is a real Newbee question.

In reading CDFreaks burner reviews, each unit is tested running a variety of different media. In some cases a given media brand, e.g. Verbatim, may be manufactured by a number of different companies. A good example is that Verbatim disks are made by the likes of Moser Baer and CMC.

When ordering how do you know who manufactured the disks?

You don’t.

Some people are able to inspect the packages and determine the manufacturer, but if you are ondering online you are at a disadvantage as this option is not possible.

Best thing to do is look for “Made In Japan”, which will get you best media most of the time. Also buy name brand media (FujiFilm Made In Japan), Taiyo Yuden, and Verbatim 16x.

Many thanks. I played it safe and ordered Taiyo Yuden for both CD and DVD.