Cd/dvd listed as cd in windows xp

Help me… I am new to forums and DVD burning. I can listen to and burn CD’s with my LiteOn combo CD’DVD burner. I can also watch DVD’s…however I cant burn them. If I try, whatever software program I use just asks me to install a blank DVD, then does nothing. In control panel under properties my CD/DVD R/RW comes up as CD. Is there something I am missing? Thanx, Rick.

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If it’s a combo drive that you have, it won’t burn DVDs…just read them. It’ll burn CDs, though. :slight_smile:

A model number (found in Device Manager) will help confirm it.

To burn a DVD disc you need a DVD burner.

Combo drives are [B]CD burners[/B] that are able also to read DVD but not to burn DVD discs.

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So what kind of drive should I look for to download and burn movies? Thanx, Rick

to burn dvd’s you’ll need a dvd burner, like a pioneer 111, benq 1650/1655, lite-on, lg & sony, the list goes on.

you can search on here

or googles good