CD/DVD Label Printing Questions

I just recently started printing label for my dvds. I use the Memorex exPressit S.E 2.2 version. The first couple of time I used it, it worked great and was easy. The label printed perfectly centered! I then decided to try glossy labels. This is when I ran into a few problems. First, what I print is not centered on the label. Second, the inside part (center labels) is always off-centered. I am just using bad scans of labels, or I am using a poor program that is inconsistent? By the way, I have a cheap inkjet HP printer.

Any help, or suggestions would be appriciated. :smiley:

Labels and dvd’s are a bad idea. Do some searching in the forum and you will find that most don’t think this to be a good idea…

the reason they’re not a good idea is that modern CD/DVD drives spin at many thousands of RPM, a label slightly out of true causes a bad imballance and will damage your drive bearings, also, if you leave the disk in the drive it heats up and the label can lift, next time it accesses the drive the label hits the read head, nuff said.

The reason why your print is off on the glossy labels is that this new paper has different dimensions than the Memorex.

Take one of the Memorex sheets and another of the new glossy papers, lay one ontop of the other, hold them up and look at them with the sun or a light source in the background. You will see that the label cutout do not match exactly.

In Memorex exPressit you can adjust this via File => Calibrate Printer.

BTW I agree with the above statement about labels on CD’s and DVD’s.
However, I find the CD’s are much more forgiving with labels than DVD’s.
Also, If you use a good quality Label (like Memorex), the DVD’s can be labeled. Keep in mind that the label paper does age / shrink etc. Eventually you might have to remove the label to make your cd / dvd readable.

So don’t use the labeled cd / dvd as your only backup.
I use these labeled DVD’s for my kids movie DVD’s which get trashed after a few years.
I have the original for additional duplication.


Instead of using paper labels which can create many problems, The Best and Easiest way to go; is to purchase an Epson R200 (the Cheapest), R300 or R320 (the most expensive) printer that prints directly to White Inkjet Hub Printable DVD-R’s & DVD+R’s.

When I purchased my R300 on sale, it cost me around $180.00 and is currently on sale at CompUSA for $79.99 (after Rebates). Take a look at it at:

I have found some excellent White InkJet Hub Printable DVD-R media at Allmediaoutlet in California: (about 25 cents each)

Although those media are listed a High-Speed (no name media), DVD Identifier

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Reports that they are in fact: Taiyo-Yuden DVD Media which are considered to be the very best media.