CD-DVD label printers?

I am going to backup all seven seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation DVDs (49 discs), plus a handful of their latest movies (#7-10). I plan on using Taiyo Yuden dvd-r media, and I’m not sure that I really want to use ghetto Sharpie pens in conjunction with my sloppy handwriting. Do you guys know anything about optical disc label printers? Have there been any articles (mods: idea for reviews?) that you guys can point me to?

They seem to fall under a few general categories. Sticky labels (definite no-no for me), thermal (specialized and multipurpose), and industrial ($). Am I missing anything? I’ve seen a few sites carring various types on and

Buy a Canon printer who can print directly on CD or DVD.
Of course you must buy “Printable versions” of the CD/DVD’s.
Can’t print on normal surfaces of CD/DVD.
Works perfectly by me!
Example: Canon pixma IP4000

Canon printers in the USA have had the CD/DVD print capabilities disabled because Canon chose not to pay the licensing fee. Canon printers in Japan, Europe and elsewhere still can. There is more discussion at
Epson printers can print to media - the RX-300 or something like that is supposed to be pretty good.

Edit - R300, review at

I don’t think I’ll be investing in mentioned labeling equipment, now that LightScribe enabled burners are here. Check out the faq on their page here: Also on the front news page of cdfreaks they mention BenQ will have a Lightscribe burner: Yamaha years ago had a tattoo system but it wasn’t quite as good.

Can recommend the Epson Stylus Photo R200 or R300 (I have the R200), only difference is the R300 has the card reader, the print engine is the same.

Good quality prints on all media I’ve tried.

I have 2 Epson R200’s and havnt had any problem with them.