CD/DVD Indexing Software - Recommendations?

Hi guys, I have a collection of several hundred CDs and DVDs all sitting in stacks on spindles. They are all sorts of things- games, movies, music, mp3s, pdfs, pictures, audio books etc etc etc etc. The problem comes when I think to myself months after burning a DVD of 10000 misc files, ‘hey, I’d like to read that one pdf…’ Good luck right?

My plan is to use a program to index (scan) the information off them like filenames and sizes, add a comment or two, stick it in a category, give it a volume label (v0001, v0002…) and put them in order by volume in a huge CD folder.

My problem is I’ve tried a couple of the free indexing programs, and they didn’t do everything I needed, and the pay programs… well who wants to pay? Can anyone suggest their favorite program? Are there any plugins for nero or other cd burning suite that will index the files automatically? even better.


I will submit my own recommendation. After doing a little more searching, I found WinCatalog. It is clean, easy to use, and has the features I need.

I was able to find Version 1.52 on several esteemed sites.

WhereIsIt does the job for me

Ant Movie Catalog. GNU public license. Has scripts for retrieving movie data.

edit: Didn’t read the OP right. Ant is great for movies, probably not so good for mixed media.

I use Mpeg Audio Collection for music/audio/video files
Then Advanced Disk Catalog (ADC) for all my other stuff (software/drivers/OS disks).

It would be nice to find one as good as MAC for listings and disk searching with the data files having a very small foot print, but with the power and single file searching of ADC. So I will be intrested in the other posters ideas.

May be too late, but I recommend Smart CD Catalog. I use it exactly for indexing mixed media collection.

You can also consider Blue Mirror DVD/CD Indexer by me :slight_smile: It’s free and open source.

[QUOTE=Blue Mirror;2452934]You can also consider Blue Mirror DVD/CD Indexer by me :slight_smile: It’s free and open source.[/QUOTE]

Excellent piece of software, and it’s free. Bravo!