Cd/dvd inacessible

:eek: Hey I have both a cd+rw and also a dvd litescribe burner installed in my computer, they both burn well with software, but I noticed that XP will no longer let me write objects or files to cd or dvd, and when I try to save things off internet it wont let me save to the cds anymore, I get the drive is inaccessible! what does this mean? and how do i fix it?

but I noticed that XP will no longer let me write objects or files to cd or dvd

“xp” will never allow you to save anything to a DVD.
Only a proper burning app will allow you to do that!

ok maybe I should reword this - I use to be able to download off the internet and save the file to my cd, now I can’t. I use to be able to click a file on my computer and it would give me the option to write to the cd, but now it wont. Now can anyone please explain to me why this has happened!

plus when I insert a blank cd or dvd, and click it, it tells me it is inaccessable, now I have two computers, and both are exactly the same, but this one is the only one that does this

It’s blank, that is why you cannot access it. That is normal.

ok i can understand that but it has never done that before! and like I said I can click it on my other computer, which is exactly the same and it opens it to show that there is nothing on it and how much free space, ect…!

I want to be able to write to the cd with xp because it does not close out the cd, allowing me to add to it at a later time, like pictures, word documents, so forth and so on… but when I place one of these cd, that I did this on in the past, it still will not let me do anything,

so no, this is not normal

Then enabnle that crap Packet-Writing kinda “IMAPI Burn-Engine” coming with xp (aka experiment) and you can drug’n’drip your files to CD and burn them. :wink:

ok well where do i go to find that?

system services / Administrative Tools / or via mmc