Cd dvd Guard

Has anyone used that cd/dvd Guard product that you spray on inkjet printed cd and dvd to protect them from uvs and moisture. Im thinking of ordring a can but thought I`d ask first,Does anyone have anything else they use for this with good results?

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I’m not sure what this particular product is. Many folks just use acrylic sprays of one type or another. Art supply stores have various things for protecting photos and drawings. Krylon makes a range of clear acrylics. When used correctly, these sprays will give you a nice glossy finish and good protection. When used incorrectly you get a ruined disc or at best a crappy looking finish. You also need to have a good place for spraying, dust free and well ventilated. In other words, you need to get set up for painting.

Consider using glossy finish discs instead. The Verbatim gloss has a nice satin finish, the TY gloss is beautiful. Only the TY Watershield is truly smudge resistant.