Cd/dvd gone



hi i am after some huge help i have been chasing my cd.dvd drive for last few weeks and i think i have read 1000 forums including this one but i just cant get it working i am missing it from my computer and also from device manager the drive has power and i can open close it i have also tried a different one but windows didnt detect it. i have checked registry files to make sure there was no upper or lower so couldnt fix it like most posts were saying that was a problem i have also removed all programs that would be used with dvd drive and no dvd drive still and as soon as i have instaled itunes back it cames up saying it can not detect dvd i dont know what is next to check i am using a hp dv9000 and its pissing me off as tonight i have been trying to fix this and stayed up all night and still cant figure out what is going on with it so if anyone knows whats the next step i can take i thank you in advance:)


Go into the bios and see if the optical drive shows up there. If it does not, then you have probably experienced a hardware failure of some sort. The drive may simply be dead in this case, even though it will still open and close.

You’ll need to hit one of the function keys as you boot up the machine in order to enter the bios…don’t know for certain on your HP laptop which one. F1 F2 or F10 would be my guesses. Your manual should show this. You don’t have to change anything in the bios, just look and see if the optical drive is included as one of the drives.


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Assuming all checks out in the BIOS as Kerry has suggested - did you already have iTunes installed when the problem started, or has it been since you installed iTunes (or got an update for it)?

Any other software installs or updates around the time the problems started?


hi Kerry56 and Arachne and thank you :slight_smile: i have checked in bios but only things i can notice there with cd drive is in system config under boot options i have cd rom boot enabled and under boot order its usb floppy floowed by atapi cd/dvdrom drive then notebookhard drive and so on i am not that confident with bios as i havent playbed around with it in a very long time and its different to what used to see.

I used to have itunes installed and then i am preety sure i used magiciso or deamon tools and when i uninstalled one of them thats when i noticed problem i have uninstalled everything as in itunes deamontools magiciso and no help and as soon as i installed itunes (only thing that i instaled back) i keppt on getting the problem as itunes starts (the registry settings used by itunes for importing and burning cd/dvd are missing)

and last one but i have tried to swap the cd driver from my dell laptop that isnt working as the screen is gone and my once i swaped the cd drive my comp didnt recognise the new one at all

thanks guys


Well, lets assume that the drive is still functional and you’ve put the original drive back in the computer.

There are some problems that can be created by iTunes and Daemon Tools, but Arachne knows more about them than I do. In the meantime, try the Fix It tool from Microsoft.

Click on the link in my signature that says [I]Microsoft support for optical drives[/I]


If I had to guess , I’d say that Daemon Tools is the culprit, since when installing, the windows system CD/DVD drivers will be modified…get rid of it…And try the Kerry56 fix…
FWIW, while iTunes has it’s share of issues(as most apps do), I’ve never experienced a CD/DVD drive disappearing act when installing or un-installing…


If an DT installation really is part of the problem (which doesn’t necessarily make it the culprit) then the real drive should still be present in device manager with an exclamation mark.
But let’s assume things aren’t as they should ;):
DAEMON Tools uses its own access layer (SPTD) which doesn’t get uninstalled together with the main app.
Download the SPTD standalone installer from
Execute, choose uninstall & reboot.

btw. which OS are you using ?
Do you have any bootable CD/DVD at hand ?


ok i have instaled deamontools and itunes again and then uninstaled it as i just wanted to see if i maybe done something wrong still got the same problem there is no cd/dvd burning program on my laptop or itunes or magic iso so nothing like that could be wrecking it unless its something in background that i am not sure off i have also ran fix it and it cames up with cd/dvd drive not deteced and it just says not fixed i think i am ready to pull some hairs out here so if anyone knows any other option that i can please tell me lol also in regedit i checked there is still no upper or lower so that is still ok thanks guys


i am running vista with sp2 i have ran SPTD uninstall and still no response from my dvd what is the chances of the dvd being dead any way of checking it i mean i have tried my old dvd from broken laptop but i dunoo both not working is bit odd thanks for your help


Hopefully not, but it can also be a connection problem or a loose contact in the notebook.

I’d first get some bootable media and try that; if it doesn’t boot i’d then check the drive(s) in another notebook - if possible. If they aren’t recognized there they’re most probably both dead.