CD/DVD file catalog/database software (Win 7)



Can anyone recommend a program for cataloging the contents of CDs/DVDs I create? I need a searchable database so I can find the files. FWIW, these aren’t movies or music, but work-related data files.

The program I used on my old PC is ancient and slow, and I’m not even going to attempt to install it on my new Win 7 (64-bit) PC.

Program doesn’t have to be freeware, but inexpensive would be good. Ability to search using wildcards is essential.


Have a look at WhereIsIt - it’s $40 shareware and well worth it in my opinion. I’m using it on Windows XP but it’s also compatible with Windows 7. The price covers “lifetime upgrades”.

There’s also a [I]WhereIsIt Lite[/I] catalog reader, which is free and can be used for searching catalogs already made with WhereIsIt - it cannot create catalogs, however.