CD/DVD duplicators vs. copy protections?

Hi guys. Not quite sure if this is copy protection or hardware related, because my questions are for both.

I was checking out SVP’s website and they sell a 1:1 duplicator for £80/117 euros.

How well do duplicators fare against the copy protections out there?

Are there some copy protections that can still stop you from making working backups? This seems to be the case because some copy protections work by detecting writable media (e.g. ATIP information).

Apart from CD/DVD burners needing special software & your CPU, what is the difference between standalone duplicators and CD/DVD burners? (Yes, I’ve read some FAQs but still can’t really see the difference apart from speed & convenience w.r.t. the copy protection perspective)


I have one. Duplicator is just an IDE controller with burning software on it. It is nice for quick burning, but nevertheless it uses the same components as you do in the PC.
So it doesn’t avoid any copy protections. I bought mine from SVP.

Ah, thanks. I was wondering whether I should buy one to save myself having to keep up to date with all the latest copy protections by reading all the FAQs here, but I guess not :slight_smile: