Cd/dvd duplication business

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with small CD/DVD enterprise’s catering to individuals and small bands/ groups business etc? Cause I’m interested in this idea.

The tech is too simple for most people nowadays. You’d have to be able to sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves to get any real traction in a competitive market. In your own words, small bands, groups, and businesses usually have at least one tech saavy person who can do small scale jobs. Struggling artists usually have more time than money on their hands anyway.

Basically, your advantages would be speed and low cost blanks from bulk orders. Since anyone can get 500-1000+ discs at a time from rima or supermediastore, you would have to be ordering in the 10,000+ range to really benefit from any economies of scale. Speed is solved by using purpose built dupe machines- which will suck down an initial investment.

Best of luck, but with the prime rate floating in the upper single digits, you could probably beat the rate of return on your small enterprise by sticking the money in a high yield MMA and drinking beer all day.

I saw quite a few of these places in Anaheim,CA and near by areas. They do VHS and DVD’s duplications. The one i was best familiar with had 100+ of each running full blast. Then next door they had the silk screening for the DVD’s. This was 5 yrs or so ago. No telling what they have now.