CD-DVD Dualdiscs hybrid makes a play for CD buyers

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Double the pleasure and double the fun, but only a few dollars more. Have you bought a DualDisc yet? If you don’t know about them it is basically a CD and a DVD fused together like…

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If I recall, wasnt this format officially abondoned? The concept of a DVD on 1 side and a CD on another is actually an old format that nobody ever took advantage of because it was cheaper, more versitle and more appealing to the consumer to get a “FREE DVD” with their CD purchase.

I bought the new Judas Priest-Angel Of Retribution dual disc. I saw Circuit City and Best Buy had it for 12.99 US the first week. While in my local record store buying a used CD I asked how much it was. Dual disc was 16 dollars and a deluxe version with CD and DVD (2 discs) plus a booklet was 22 dollars. Guess this is why the local record stores all go out of business! While walking through Meier I found the dual disc for 9.88 dollars. Guess where I bought it!!! The back of the case has FBI piracy warning and a notice that the CD side may not play in all players or computers and it doesn’t. Two of the three drives in my computer just spin the disc forever, but my boombox and handheld cd/mp3 player play it fine. DVD side has the 5.1 version of the album plus a 29 minute 2004 concert/interview montage. DVD side is already marred by several scratches just from spinning in the boombox so I backed up each side to the appropriate blank media. I never would have bought a NEW album from a store without the dual disc bonus as I have boycotted the RIAA for about 5 years. Shouldn’t have bought this one either, but it has been so long since i’ve heard that wonderful Rob Halford scream! It’s not a bad JP offering either, a little weak but it grows on you.

Pioneer Japan warns users about use of DualDisc format. According to Pioneer, playback of Dual Discs could harm your Pioneer player or even the disc itself.

When you see tons of shite DVD’s in the $5.50 bin at Wally World, it makes you wonder why bother with this crappy idea. Just include a separate DVD and CD for the “dual disc” versions and things will be fine for all involved. I just can’t see any advantage to the dual disc format to make it worthwhile wasting money on.:r