CD/DVD drives: One from column A, One from Column B

Hi all,

Another totally screwy problem I have to deal with…

I have two DVD drives, one is a NEC ND-3540A and the other is a Lite-On LHW1P drive.

I needed to do a complete format and re-installation of XP. Doing this, I ran into a problem I ran into before which is I could not use the Lite-On drive for install. This first happened with a DFI Lanparty board and now I’m experiencing it with an Abit IP35 Pro board.

Both boards bioses read the Lite-On drive fine and when I start to install XP, it downloads all the initial installation files. When the computer gets to the point it reboots, it starts to install XP and then stops saying there is an error. It refuses to read anything from the Lite-On drive & installation CD in the drive and forces a reboot which brings me back to this point & I’m now in a loop.

If I use my old NEC drive, the installation goes on as expected.

If I use the NEC from the beginning, I have no problem.

Both drives installed as the only drive read as D: and both are set as master.

I prefer the Lite-on as it’s a quieter and smoother drive.

To make things even more interesting, I loaded Nero and when I went to use Nero Show Time with the NEC drive (which successfully installed XP), I keep getting the error message: “Sorry, the folder you have selected does not contain a valid DVD-Video, SVCD, or VCD structure. Please use the ‘Media Files’ function to browse and play back files from this folder”

Thinking it was the DVD I tried several and they all got the same response from Show Time. I tried to use the DVD as media files and got the same reply. I uninstalled Nero and re-installed & tried to read the DVD and got the same error message.

So working on a hunch, I re-connected the Lite-On drive and tried the DVD again & wala… Nero Show Time worked perfectly. Trying other DVDs in the Lite-On drive worked fine with all my DVDs…

So… In short… Either drive will start XP install during boot up but only the NEC will work during the 2nd half of install. Using the Lite-On alone you can not install XP from the reboot on. The NEC will install perfectly from both halves of the XP install but the NEC will not work with Nero Show Time, but the Lite-On will work flawlessly with SHow Time.

The Abit IP35 Pro only allows one IDE connection and offers 6 SATA connections. I need to use one large IDE drive so I can only have one IDE CD/DVD drive and can not use both of them and that separate IDE drive.

What the heck is going on?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



One has to be master and the other slave if on the same cable.

[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2030518]One has to be master and the other slave if on the same cable.[/QUOTE]


True enough.

The IP35 Pro only has one IDE slot, not two as I’m used to having and therein is my problem; I have an IDE hard drive I want to use and only can have one CD/DVD drive. As it is, I only have the CD on the IDE cable, nothing else.

In my problem description above I was only using one CD drive at a time. When I couldn’t get XP to read from the CD following the first reboot of XP installation with the Lite-On drive, I shut off the computer, unplugged the cable & power from the Lite-On & attached them to the NEC drive & with that, upon reboot, everything went as expected.

(I tried numerous times to get it to read the install disc in the Lite-On after it had successfully loaded all the installation files and it would not work. Using the NEC, it worked fine (during the 2nd half of the install where it says you have 38 minutes left in the setup & then counts down time as features are installed)

Also… since I can’t use the NEC to play DVDs as described above, I shut off the computer, unplugged from the NEC & re-attached them to the Lite-On & now everything is fine.

I’d use both drives & just be done with it but I need one IDE attachment for the HD.

SO… I suppose I can just keep the NEC boxed up for the next time I need to load XP but this shouldn’t be happening. This problem with loading XP happened before on a different Mobo & when loading Vista so it’s not a problem with this installation, MoBO or OS alone.