Cd/dvd driver is corrupted or missing error code 39



i hope this is going to the right place. i am new to chat forums, so if i am in the wrong place let me know where to go.
i have an interesting twist to the error 39 problem in windows xp that seems to be coming up for folks. my g/f has a dell inspiron 8600. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the device driver. nothing changed. i went into the registry editor and deleted the upper and lower limit thingys. didnt work. i found i driver recovery tool in dell, and that didnt work. i tried the sfc/scannow command, that didnt work. i then used a different cd/dvd rom from my dell 9100 that fits her computer. still have the same problem even though it recognized that its different and attempted to install it onto the computer. i got desperate and tried to see if either drive would read the Windows XP recovery cd…you guessed it, nothing happened. it booted straight to windows and laughed at me for my feeble attempts. i like to think of myself as a problem solver and asking for help is practically against my religion, but im really in a bind and not knowing what is wrong and how to fix it is driving me insane. please help.


Hi and Welcome!

please go trough this MSKB article:, maybe something went wrong with your first attempt.

Using a Windows install CD requires either invoking a start menu from BIOS or changing the boot priority. Also, a Windows install CD requires a key to be pressed in order to boot from that disc.
Since the latter can be confusing, I prefer a Linux Live CD like Puppy Linux or Knoppix (in case abootable DVD is needed).