Cd/dvd drive




i am new to all this as my first question

i have an advent 7110 laptop and the CD/DVD drive has stopped working i tried both CD and DVD mine and shop bought. i even tried a blank to see if i could record to it

it just wont read them

its two years old and been working great til the the other day

anybody have the same or similar problem ??

is it easy to strip and replace with new one ??

many thanks



Welcome to the forums!.

Sounds like a failed drive. You could try removing and reseating the drive, but most likely it is dead.

Removal varies by model. I’ve had some older ones that had a button next to the drive, which you pressed and it ejected the drive. Some have a screw on the bottom of the chasis, you then remove the screw and the drive slides out. Again, it varies between makes and models.


many thanks for advice

now removed and reseated drive

no good, but well worth trying

does anybody know any good websites to buy Philips sdvd8820 cd/dvd drive as i think thats the next stage ??

only could find second hand on ebay



eBay is likely the better place, but I found this:

You may also want to contact the manufacturer and see if any other models are compatible with that notebook.