CD/DVD drive wont work!

Hello, It’s been awhile but I’d like to have your expertise once again!
My CD/DVD drive in my computer will not recognize when I put something in now. I use it ALOT_________ so wondered if maybe somethings worn out! For a while now it has been giving me trouble but now it just acts like I have nothing in there. I know you can tell me right off what the deal is. What do I need to replace? THANKS SO MUCH

try cleaning the laser head with soft cloth, if windows finds your drive installed.
both cd and dvd fail is rare. so try cd and dvd read first
if the drive is more than one year old may be it is time to replace

K. so heres the stupid question, the laser head is…where??
The drive is more than one year, geez I paid like alot (4 me that is) & this did not last any longer than the $30 one!!!
HEY, Thanks for the really quick answer!!!


Very first thing that I would check would be the connection both to the drive and to the board - and even going so far as changing out the cable - then start looking for other things-eh!!

btw - getting to the VERY DELICATE laser involves taking the drive apart - and if you don’t know what you are doing - then don’t attempt it.

Also - DO NOT use one of those laser cleaning discs - unless you want to risk really messing up your drive too

Also make sure that the drive is recognized in the Control Panel’s Device Manager.