CD/DVD Drive Speed Restriction

I am having a problem with my drive speeds. I owned a Pioneer DVR-106D and lately i bought the LG GSA 4163B. I was burning DVD Discs in 8x and cd discs in 52x. The thing is that from the moment i installed the LG everything changed in matters of dvd and cd media discs are concerned. In every program i use (Nero Burning Rom, Clone DVD, DVD Shrink etc) the maximum burning speed i can choose for the DVD’s is 4x (5.540kb/s) and 16x (2.400kb/s) for the cd discs, which is weird because both my drives can use higher speeds according to the manufacturer. I don’t know if i did something to alter this option, but i cannot find a way to return my drives to their normal speeds. Can anyone help me please?!

Thanks in advance…

Two possiblities.

  1. DMA is not enabled for the LG.
  2. Whilst the Pioneer may be happy to burn the discs at the higher speed it’s possible that LG have restricted the speeds because they believe the media is only capable of being burned at the lower speeds.

Post the Media ID of the DVD’s so we can check this.

First of all the Pioneer 106D is only a 4x max burner. If you put the new LG as your destination and the Pioneer as the source you will only be able to rip at 2x because the Pioneer has a riplock, but if you use the LG as your source and destination you will be able to rip at 12x and burn at whatever your media is rated at.

I am using mainly TDK discs, DVD+R 1-8x. The thing is that I always used to select the speed before i insert the empty disc. And i didn’t have any problems or such in the past. Even when i insert the 1-8x speed empty media, the only speed i can choose is up to 4x. I know that my Pioneer is a 4x burner but the LG is supposed to be a 12x burner. I checked to see if the DMA was on for the LG in the hardware details on the control panel and i was unable to locate the DMA option. Oh, one last thing, i knew about the riplock so i was already using as a source and destination drive my LG. What else can it be wrong??