CD/DVD drive schizophrenia!

Hi All,

This looks like a great place to hang out and this is my first post so please be gentle!

I have a bit of a problem and it could well result in the wife expelling my PC through the window with the line ‘It never works when I need it!, why is that?’ so would appreciate some help if you would.

I have a self built Duron 1200 system running Windows XP Professional, 768MB RAM, MSI motherboard, Radeon 7500 graphics. Internally I have a 20Gb HDD on IDE cable one as master and a 120Gb Maxtor as slave. On the second IDE channel I have an Afreey DVD as master and a Toshiba DVD writer as slave.

Things were all fine until last weekend, when the shortcut I had created on my desktop for my D: drive (the 120Gb HDD) would no longer work: when you double clicked on it Windows said it couldn’t find the program ‘load.exe’ on E:!

If you went into ‘My computer’ & double cliked on the D: drive you got the same response, but if you right clicked on it & selected ‘Explore’ you could explore the drive no problem!

Now things have gotten even worse!

When the system boots up the BIOS spots all of the Hard drives and DVD drives, all well and good!

In Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager under ‘DVD/CD-ROM drives’ I can see both DVD drives, yay!

But if I put in a CD or DVD in either drive the system either says the drive is empty (for one of them) or takes ages to open the drive (the other one) and then shows the disk as containing nothing!

I have Norton Anti-virus 2004 running and it has scanned the system multiple times and found no infections so I am stumped!

Please help before my PC goes through the window and an imposter from PC world replaces it!

Check BIOS and IDE channel information to see if DMA is enabled.
If not, set it to DMA.

Also, if that doesn’t help, some simple troubleshooting would be to disconnect 1 IDE optical and try it alone as Master. Also try swapping the DVD Master/Slave around because sometimes DVD writers are picky and like to be Master - dunno why.

-Also, when going into BIOS, are optical drives recognized as of now, also check if they are after setting up only 1.

*Remember that DMA info on XP is in Device Manager -> IDE ATAPI controller.

Try this for now and report back results.

Many thanks.

Did the ‘check each DVD drive in turn’ on the cable as Master/Slave thing & turns out my DVD-ROM is knackered!

Fortunately not the DVD writer!

Again, many thanks for your quick response!