Cd dvd drive problem

My laptop is only 2 yrs old and I’ve not used the drive a great deal but today the centre spindle came loose and discs won’t play properly. When the disc speeds up the spindle comes off. Is this supposed to be glued on? Can I glue it back on to prevent this problem?

I haven’t heard of anyone repairing a drive this way. It may be time to find a replacement drive, or get an external optical drive. If you get an external drive, make sure it has its own power supply, and doesn’t run off the usb cable.

yeah, the centre just works loose as it spins. Hardly had any use. I don’t know if they are glued to start with or just supposed to be fitted tightly over the centre bit. As far as I’m aware it’s easy to fit another drive-just a screw to undo? There’s a Sony drive for £20 on ebuyer also samsung and LG (both cd/dvd internal) . Just seems annoying cos the current one is shoddy.:sad: