CD & DVD Drive Problem

Hi, can anyone help me please. My DVDRW has stopped recognising CD’s, It will not even read a CD, never mind writing to one. It does recognise DVd’s however and will play DVD’s fine. ANy ideas on how I can get my drive recognising CD’s again - I’ve no means of writing anything out to CD without this being fixed. I’m not bery technical hence would appreciate easy to follow instructions.



Welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

First, to make sure it’s not a Windows/OS problem, can you try booting with your OS CD in the drive?


Cheers. I have a System Recovery disk. Will that serve the purpose of rebooting in the drive?

Sure will. You don’t need to go through the recovery procedure though - just see if it’ll boot from the disc. If so, just exit if you’re given the option (never dealt with recovery discs, although I have one with my latest PC).

If it reads off the disc, you’re in luck :slight_smile: