Cd dvd drive not working after vista installation

hello this is my first ever post so if i sound lame my appoligies.
i recently restored my gateway notebook from pc and re installed vista sp1 now my cd dvd drive just spins makes a few sounds and stops
i have tried all sorts of things like deleting the lower and upper filters which i dont have and was just wondering if you guys could help me please

Do you see the drive listed in Device Manager? Is there a yellow exclamation point next to it? If you insert a disc into the drive, can you view the contents using Windows Explorer or My Computer?

there is no exclamation mark next to it but it is marked as unknown

no i cant see it in my computer

Try removing/deleting the drive in Device Manager and then reboot.

done that one mate still nothing

any more ideas mate anything would be much appreciated

Sorry…been away for a bit. If it is unrecognized, I’d tend to think you are having a hardware issue. It could be as simple as a cable issue, or a failing drive.

Aside from that, you could try removing/deleting the drive AND the IDE controllers and reboot. If that doesn’t work, I’d start looking at the hardware.

just done all that and still nothing have noticed a question mark on the drivers name dont know if this means anything