CD/DVD drive keeps having errors, ruining disks!

I’ve about had it with my new computer’s CD/DVD drive. When I first got the computer, I tried making recovery disks, but the process would fail when it was almost finished, and spit the disk out. I tried this a couple of times and kept getting the same problem. Eventually I called HP and they told me to use the built-in Recovery Partition that came with my computer, but they had me burn a file onto a cd to see if my drive worked. Here’s the thing: it works fine with small files, but when I try to burn ISO files onto a dvd, the session always spits out the cd. I tried backing up a show season DVD I have using DVD Shrink and it got all the way to about 70% left and then I could hear the DVD drive clicking. Then the burn log said there was an error and it tried again but eventually gave up and spit out the disk. That makes at least the 4th or 5th disk this thing has ruined! I’m about ready to take it back since I bought a warranty.

Before I read on this forum that I should try DVD Shrink, I tried the Cyberlink DVD program that came with my computer, which also spit out the disk and ruined another one. I researched and found it was a lowsy program. So I tried DVD Shrink and it seemed to work great but then the dvd got ruined when it was almost finished, so I’m starting to think that it’s not the programs that I’m using but the actual DVD drive itself.

When DVD Shrink had the error, it gave me a text version of the burn log with the errors. Would it be possible for me to post that log here and see if anyone can decipher what could’ve caused the problem? And what would be the best way to post it? I would greatly appreciate not having to take this thing back to get it worked on. Thanks in advance for any help!

Yes, you can post logs here. You should be aware that DVDShrink does not have a built in burning engine. It relies on either Nero or DVDDecrypter to burn to a disk.

DVDShrink is very much outdated as a decryption/ripping program by the way. It cannot decrypt many, many newer dvds successfully. It is still a good program for compressing dvd movies however.

So, lets try this path. Download and install DVDFab HD Decrypter. This is the free decryption/ripping section of DVDFab and it will continue to work even after the 30 day trial of the main section of DVDFab expires.
Use this to rip the movie to the hard drive.

If you need to compress the movie, do that part with DVDShrink, and set the output as an ISO file…but don’t set it to burn directly to a disk.

Now, the third free program is ImgBurn. This is a highly recommended program for burning dvds, and is the updated burning engine from DVDDecrypter.

Burn your dvd at less than maximum speed. If you have 16x disks, burn this one at 8x. We recommend Verbatim blank dvds as a safe choice for most burners.

Thank you so much Kerry56! I tried what you suggested and everything worked perfectly!

Thanks for letting us know staghound406. Glad you got everything working for you.