CD / DVD Drive issues - technophobe!

All, this is the voice of a complete technophobe!!! I have had a few problems recently with my sony vaio VGN-FS115S. At first it was making very strange distorted when playing the initial XP theme upon logon and playing CDs / itunes tracks became very distorted as did streaming. I have completed system restore (to a level of success) but now CDs or DVDs are rarely recognised by the laptop - does not even relaise there is anything in there. I have tried defrag, downloading drivers and even checking safe mode - all to no success. can anyone help a fluffy technophobe??? :eek:

So are you afraid of technology? Because that´s what “technophobe” means.

Afraid and confused

Ok. I thought you misunderstood and used a word different than what you meant.

Now back to your problem.

Media not being reconized usually has nothing to do with the OS. Usually it´s the drive’s fault. Anyaway, check if you have DMA enabled for that drive. Check if storage drivers are correctlly installed. Better reinstall them to make sure.

Might wanna give Sony a call about this one… A friend of mine had some similar weird audio problems after he accidentally gave his laptop a nasty static shock. Fried his Northbridge, had to get a new motherboard put in the computer.

Luckily for you, every time I’ve called Sony they’ve been very nice, and they’re available 24 hours.