CD/DVD Drive having problems with end of disc

Hi all. Hopefully someone here can offer some tips on how I can resolve this issue without me having to replace my drive (PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-110D installed in a G4 running OS 10.3.9).

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been ripping alot of music CDs–many of these were bought used and are in far from perfect condition. iTunes has struggled with a few to extract the files, and with two or three CD tracks has not been successful.

Last night I burned a DVD of compressed audio files (in FLAC format), and Toast reported a sense code error at the very end of the burn. When I verified the burned disc, it showed 248 files of 254 files succesfully copied and burned to the DVD. The last six files in the playlist–those that would have been at the outer edge of the DVD–did not get successfully burned to the DVD. The other tracks all seem to play fine however, so I’m not going to bother to burn them again. I assumed it was a problem with that particular disc (these are authentic TYs, and I haven’t had a single bad disc out of the 45 or so I’ve used so far from this 100-pack).

Today, however, I was ripping another CD, and iTunes basically froze attempting to rip the last track on the CD (I force quit, and then tried playing the same track, and again iTunes froze after skipping a couple of times). I wondered if this behavior might be related to the end-of-disc problem I encountered last night. I took the CD, popped it into my cheap Panasonic portable CD player, and went to the 3:00 mark on the last track, where the problems began on my DVD drive. It played through to the end perfectly.

So, I conclude from this that my DVD drive is occasionally having trouble with the end of discs, or with the part of the disc nearest the rim (the final 3 min. of a 70 min. CD). Not in every case, however–I did rip some other CDs that were over 70 min. today without any problem.

Can anyone suggest a reason for this behavior, and offer a solution that would not be expensive or necessitate either taking the computer or drive in for repair, or having it replaced completely? Would compressed air be likely to help? A disc cleaner of some kind?

Thanking you in advance or your kind assistance!


Set a slower speed, try again.

Set a slower speed? To play a CD? My concern at the moment is that my cheap portable CD player can play an end-of-disc track which my DVD drive cannot (which issue is also manifesting as an error when burning in that area of a disc). What is most likely causing this? Is it probably an alignment problem that I would be unable to fix myself?

Thank you for your help with this matter,


Yes, or burn the cd again by using better media.